The function of using an automatic portal

The electric portal is an option often presented in home automation. Instead of the manual gate, you will then have electrical and electronic installations that will allow automatic opening and closing. This solution will save you energy, because you will be able to manage your gate without having to deploy efforts, and this, thanks to the gate drive. On the other hand, the salesperson who introduces you to the automatic portal will also highlight the time saving. In this dossier, we will give a brief overview of automatic portals.

remote control switch

The opening and closing management system

For this electric gate, elements will be installed on the gate, but for this automation, there is also an element that will allow you to manage the opening and closing remotely. You no longer have to get out of your car and push your gate to open it. You can even open and close your guest in front of the gate without having to move from your chair to the living room. Depending on the actuator you have, your gate can be opened and closed with a remote control switch. As with any remote control, you will have a button to manage the opening, closing and other features on your portal. It is also possible that the operator of your gate is accompanied by a code device. For this one, your portal will open typing a code.

A summary of the benefits

You still hesitate to invest an automatic portal, we will bring you in this part a brief overview of the advantages that this installation will bring you. Note that when the salesperson emphasizes that he will save you time and energy, these are not just arguments, but reality. You will no longer have to get out of your vehicle to open and close it and this will be done in a few seconds if you have a powerful motorization adapted to your gate. You should also know that this automatic gate is also more secure. It is more resistant to attempted break-ins. This gate is also equipped with a motion detection device and when it encounters an obstacle when closing or opening, it will not crush it.

Gate automation alternatives

To have an automatic gate at your residence, two options are available to you. You can find on the market a gate that has an integrated motorization. However, if you want the gate you have, you can automate it perfectly by purchasing a garage remote control. For this second alternative, it will be necessary to take the motorization most adapted to the gate that you already have. For this choice, you must take into account the type of gate opening, its weight, but also the electric power of the motor.

The operator for a swing gate

For your two-leaf gate, you can choose an arm operator that allows an opening similar to that of the human arm movements thanks to the devices to be installed on each leaf. Cylinder automatism is more suitable for swing gates made of heavier materials. A professional can also advise you the gate drive with wheels which adapts to any type of ground. If you want to give priority to the aesthetic side of your gate, it is recommended to use an underground motorization.

The operator for the sliding gate

The sliding gate has the particularity of opening on one side. For this type of gate, only the ground rail operator and the self-supporting operator are suitable. For the ground rail motorization, a tracking device with a base for the motor will be installed. The difference with the self-supporting operator is that the gate will no longer touch the ground and will open and close in suspension. This drive is more suitable for gates made of lighter materials.

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