Buying guide: how to choose your fan?

At the slightest heat stroke, the fan becomes your best ally! On the stand, on base, in column… Learn how to choose the right model for your use. Spotlight on a product in the air of time.

Why choose a fan instead of air conditioning? The fan is a good alternative for cooling a room in your home at a lower cost. However, unlike the latter, the fan does not distill cold air but will create an artificial wind: it is the displacement of air caused by the fan that will create a pleasant sensation of freshness.

rf remote

Fan: on base, ideal for one person

Among the fans with propellers, one distinguishes the models on base, those on foot and finally, the model’s columns, all equipped with at least three speeds to be able to adapt their power at any time. Depending on the size of the room and the number of people to cool, you can choose: in a 20 m2 room or cool just one person, a floor-mounted fan, also known as a ‘table fan’, can be sufficient. It can be placed on a desk or a piece of furniture at least one meter high and comes in different diameters. Instead of the most common 40 cm diameter, use a more compact 25 cm diameter fan if it is to be placed on a bedside table.

Floor fan: cooling an entire room

For a more collective use and a wider diffusion of the air, you will be able to opt for a fan on foot which, thanks to its important air flow, is adapted to the large rooms. It can be installed wherever you want (in the living room) and thanks to its height adjustable foot, you can influence the direction of the air. For greater efficiency, opt for a powerful (with a 60 Watt motor) and oscillating model. By oscillating, the air is better shared in the room, so you don’t get sick, for example. But be careful that the angle of oscillation is wide enough. The wider it is (55 to 60 degrees is a minimum), the better the air will circulate in the room. Another criterion for choosing a propeller fan is safety: check that the bars on the fan grille are tight so that a child cannot slip his hands in…

Good to know: the larger the diameter of the fan blades, the larger the airflow, even if you are far away. Convenient: Some fan grilles open for easy cleaning.

Column fan: aesthetics in the first line

If you lack space, it is advisable to bet on a column fan. High up, it diffuses a vertical air flow that sweeps the room and refreshes you pleasantly. This type of fan has a lower air flow, so it’s more of a comfort product, perfect for a pleasant breeze. Handy, the column fan is also more design with a great finesse of lines and often sophisticated (with the presence of LCD screens for example or other comfort options). To judge its real power, take a look at the air outlet, the wider it is (around 60 cm for 1.20 m for example), the more powerful the fan will be. Also check its stability in store (especially if it oscillates).

Fan: Silence, it’s turning!

If you decide to place it in the bedroom, pay attention to its volume. The standard does not impose a maximum noise level, but the manufacturer must indicate this on the instructions. The market average is around 50 dB but some brands have developed much quieter products, such as Rowenta’s new range: “The Turbo Silence Extreme range reaches a sound volume of 35 dB(A), softer than a flowing stream. Almost inaudible, it is ideal in a bedroom.

Fan: why such variable prices?

For a table fan, count from 15 euros private label to 40 euros for a more qualitative fan with a solid grid (more metal), good air flow and excellent stability. Prices for floor fans start around 29 euros but a higher end product will easily oscillate between 50 and 100 euros. Finally, for 50 euros, you can buy an entry-level column fan, when you will have to pay 90 to 150 euros for a programmable product, equipped with a remote control system and additional functions.

Often made of plastic when others can be made of stainless steel and aluminum, entry-level products will prove to be less resistant (brands do numerous resistance tests to guarantee a certain lifespan to their products and some like Rowenta guarantee the repairability of products for 10 years). Moreover, these models are generally basic and without options. However, apart from resistance, it is the options that make the price difference. Thus, the fans with timer offer you a real comfort: the one to program the flow and the stop of the fan. Some can also be equipped with a ‘Descrescendo Mode’ which gradually reduces the ventilation speed to fall asleep without being bothered by noise. And if they come with an rf remote, you can even control them remotely. Other interesting options are Rowenta’s mosquito repellent function (you can insert mosquito repellent tablets in the space provided for this purpose), the breeze mode (the fan randomly varies the ventilation speed, which simulates a light, very pleasant wind) or finally, the 360° total rotation function (some column fans rotate on themselves without stopping for a total sweeping of the room).

The function of using an automatic portal

The electric portal is an option often presented in home automation. Instead of the manual gate, you will then have electrical and electronic installations that will allow automatic opening and closing. This solution will save you energy, because you will be able to manage your gate without having to deploy efforts, and this, thanks to the gate drive. On the other hand, the salesperson who introduces you to the automatic portal will also highlight the time saving. In this dossier, we will give a brief overview of automatic portals.

remote control switch

The opening and closing management system

For this electric gate, elements will be installed on the gate, but for this automation, there is also an element that will allow you to manage the opening and closing remotely. You no longer have to get out of your car and push your gate to open it. You can even open and close your guest in front of the gate without having to move from your chair to the living room. Depending on the actuator you have, your gate can be opened and closed with a remote control switch. As with any remote control, you will have a button to manage the opening, closing and other features on your portal. It is also possible that the operator of your gate is accompanied by a code device. For this one, your portal will open typing a code.

A summary of the benefits

You still hesitate to invest an automatic portal, we will bring you in this part a brief overview of the advantages that this installation will bring you. Note that when the salesperson emphasizes that he will save you time and energy, these are not just arguments, but reality. You will no longer have to get out of your vehicle to open and close it and this will be done in a few seconds if you have a powerful motorization adapted to your gate. You should also know that this automatic gate is also more secure. It is more resistant to attempted break-ins. This gate is also equipped with a motion detection device and when it encounters an obstacle when closing or opening, it will not crush it.

Gate automation alternatives

To have an automatic gate at your residence, two options are available to you. You can find on the market a gate that has an integrated motorization. However, if you want the gate you have, you can automate it perfectly by purchasing a garage remote control. For this second alternative, it will be necessary to take the motorization most adapted to the gate that you already have. For this choice, you must take into account the type of gate opening, its weight, but also the electric power of the motor.

The operator for a swing gate

For your two-leaf gate, you can choose an arm operator that allows an opening similar to that of the human arm movements thanks to the devices to be installed on each leaf. Cylinder automatism is more suitable for swing gates made of heavier materials. A professional can also advise you the gate drive with wheels which adapts to any type of ground. If you want to give priority to the aesthetic side of your gate, it is recommended to use an underground motorization.

The operator for the sliding gate

The sliding gate has the particularity of opening on one side. For this type of gate, only the ground rail operator and the self-supporting operator are suitable. For the ground rail motorization, a tracking device with a base for the motor will be installed. The difference with the self-supporting operator is that the gate will no longer touch the ground and will open and close in suspension. This drive is more suitable for gates made of lighter materials.


It is undeniably inconvenient to open a roller shutter manually. And if there are several in the house, you have to go around the house at sunrise and sunset to open and close them one by one. That’s why more and more people are deciding to automate it now. Have you just purchased a roller shutter motor? You wish to know how to proceed with its installation? Draw your tools and follow this guide.

roller shutter remote control


First of all, you have to open the roller shutter box. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove debris and dust accumulated inside, if any. Then unroll the roller shutter. Continue until the final blade attachment tabs are visible and the locking screws are accessible. You can then remove the crank by unscrewing the bracket securing it to the trunk. Pull the crank very gently. Once this is done, you must then proceed to remove the attachment tabs from the first blade. If your roller shutter is new, these may be blind rivets. To remove them, simply use a metal drill. Then unhook the winding tube in a very gentle way to hold the brackets. When the operation proves delicate, you must check again if there is still a screw, a clip or a stirrup. After disassembling the console, you then proceed to fix the bracket. The new axis will fit on this one. Use a metal drill bit to drill new holes in the console. Then mount and fix the tube with the hexagon bolts. Once this is done, fit the console onto the fixing plate of the shutter box. You can then fix the two or three telescopic elements composing the winding tube. Do not hesitate to resize it if its length exceeds the width of the shutter. You must also provide for the passage of electrical wires. To do this, you can use a drill to make a small hole through the trunk. Then insert both sides of the tube, starting with the caliper side and then the motor side. Make the wire connection. Use straps to connect the end blade and the winding tube. The last operation consists in adjusting the limit switches and programming the remote control.


When you are considering a roller shutter motor, you must choose between the wired or wireless model. The difference lies in the control system. For the wired roller shutter motor, it is controlled by means of a switch. As for the motorization of the roller shutter remote control, the control of its opening and closing is done by means of a remote control. This one is more advantageous especially in terms of comfort, especially since it is possible for you to centralize at a control point the management of all your electric roller shutters. In addition, you should also consider some important parameters before purchasing a roller shutter motor, such as its power, the weight it can lift, its diameter, etc.

The different formats of shutters

You wish to change the exterior of your house, or more simply replace damaged or outdated shutters. There are several models, but also several formats: roller shutter, swing shutter, or sliding shutter. Which model to choose to not change all your habits, or on the contrary to facilitate your life?

There are several types of shutters, which you can open in different ways, that will change the facade of your house or apartment.

How to choose the format which suits you best, while knowing that in the buildings certain models are imposed by the syndic of co-ownership?

rf wireless

The roller shutter

Roller shutters, with or without motor, allow total darkness when you lower them. This model goes up and fits into its sleeve when you open it, and goes down thanks to a crank or a remote control switch. Some models are equipped with rf universal remote control, to allow you to lower or raise your roller shutters from all rooms of your home.

Your roller shutter can be available in PVC or aluminium.

The automatic roller shutter model will be more expensive, due to the installation of the motor. Repairs will also be higher, especially if they involve a mechanical problem.


The swing shutter

The swinging shutter remote control model is the most widespread model, whether it is full or with shutter. These shutters rotate around their hinge, and open on either side of your windows. This model is the most widespread because of its previous invention, but also because of its use which is very simple.

remote control

There are models of shutters with shutters, on the contrary of full shutters, which let the air pass thanks to their lamellae. This model is also more fragile because of the lamellae, which leave the possibility to hook the window.


You can have wooden, PVC or aluminium swing shutter models.

The swing shutters are the least expensive of the different models presented.

Which automatism to choose for its sliding gate?

The investment in portal motorisation is becoming more and more common today among many private individuals. In fact, while companies used to be the main purchasers of automation systems, it is now clear that the latter are also interested in it. And this is understandable given the enormous comfort this equipment can offer. Among the most popular automation models on the market today, the sliding gate operator is particularly appealing to buyers. In this section, we will talk about the advantages of this type of automation and the criteria to consider when choosing it.

rf remote

Why choose a sliding gate operator?

To begin with, choosing a sliding garage door opener remote first of all means that you have a gate of this type. In this case, simply add the engine to the existing portal. In addition, there are also cases where you buy the sliding gate with the rf remote system that goes with it. If people choose this portal, it is above all to take advantage of the enormous space saving that this type of portal provides. But the “motorized” option is mainly motivated by the excellent comfort that can be obtained in its use. This is understandable. Who wouldn’t want to get rid of the chore of manually manoeuvring his gate every time he enters and leaves his house.

rf system

How to choose it well?

The sliding gate operator is available in two main types and several models. In order to choose your equipment correctly, it is therefore necessary to base yourself on certain criteria.

As for the types, we have the self-supporting motorization and the rail-mounted motorization fixed to the ground. The latter is the most commonly used of the two. As its name suggests, it requires the use of a ground guide rail. The latter is moved when the motor is actuated. For the installation of this remote control system, a base plate is required for both the motor and the guide post. If you have a large or heavy gate, this is the equipment you need. On the other hand, for a medium or small gate, opt for a self-supporting sliding gate operator. It does not require a floor-mounted rail. There is a rack to support the gate and it ensures that it never touches the ground.

In addition, regarding the different existing models, your choice must depend on certain elements related to your portal and your tastes. First of all, you have to measure the dimensions of your portal and also weigh it. It is from these data that you will be able to know the power of the motorization adapted to your sliding gate. For a medium and light gate (0 to 600 kg), a low-power automated system will do the trick. On the other hand, if your portal is large (between 600 and 1000 kg), choose a powerful device. This is the only way to ensure efficient and safe operation.

wireless remote control

Finally, don’t forget to look at the motor power supply (24 or 230V) and base your choice on it. The 24V is not very hot and is mainly intended for use in company premises. The other, on the other hand, heats more and is much more for family use. In short, if you are looking for a sliding gate operator, you can find everything you need at this address.